Meaning of SECRETARY in English

ˈsekrəˌterē, in rapid speech ÷-k(ə)ˌt- noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English secretarie, from Medieval Latin secretarius secretary, confidant, from Latin secretum secret + -arius -ary — more at secret

1. obsolete

a. : one entrusted with the secrets or confidences of a superior : adviser , confidant

b. : one considered to understand the secrets of God or of nature or to have penetrated other mysteries

2. : one employed to handle correspondence and manage routine and detail work for a superior


a. : an officer of a business concern who may issue notices and keep records of directors' and stockholders' meetings, oversee and preserve records of stock ownership and transfer and of other company affairs, and cooperate with counsel in supervision of the company's legal interests

b. : an officer of an organization or society responsible for its records and correspondence

4. : an officer of state who superintends a government administrative department and is usually a member of the chief executive's cabinet or advisory council

the secretary of the treasury

the secretary of labor

foreign secretary


[translation of French secrétaire ]

a. : writing desk , escritoire

b. or secretary bookcase : a writing desk with a top section for books

6. : secretary bird

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secretary 5b


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