Meaning of STORE in English



Pronunciation: ' sto ̇ r

Function: transitive verb

Inflected Form: stored ; stor · ing

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French estorer to establish, restore, supply, from Latin instaurare to resume, restore

Date: 13th century

1 : LAY AWAY , ACCUMULATE < store vegetables for winter use> <an organism that absorbs and store s DDT>

2 : FURNISH , SUPPLY especially : to stock against a future time < store a ship with provisions>

3 : to place or leave in a location (as a warehouse, library, or computer memory) for preservation or later use or disposal

4 : to provide storage room for : HOLD <elevators for storing surplus wheat>

– stor · able \ ' sto ̇ r- ə -b ə l \ adjective

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