Meaning of STORE in English


I. ˈstȯr transitive verb

( stored ; stor·ing )

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French estorer to establish, restore, supply, from Latin instaurare to resume, restore

Date: 13th century

1. : lay away , accumulate

store vegetables for winter use

an organism that absorbs and store s DDT

2. : furnish , supply ; especially : to stock against a future time

store a ship with provisions

3. : to place or leave in a location (as a warehouse, library, or computer memory) for preservation or later use or disposal

4. : to provide storage room for : hold

elevators for storing surplus wheat

• stor·able ˈstȯr-ə-bəl adjective

II. noun

Date: 13th century


a. : something that is stored or kept for future use

b. plural : articles (as of food) accumulated for some specific object and drawn upon as needed : stock , supplies

c. : something that is accumulated

d. : a source from which things may be drawn as needed : a reserve fund

2. : storage — usually used with in

when placing eggs in store — Dublin Sunday Independent

3. : value , importance

set great store by a partner's opinion

4. : a large quantity, supply, or number : abundance


a. : storehouse , warehouse

b. chiefly British : memory 4

6. : a business establishment where usually diversified goods are kept for retail sale

a grocery store

— compare shop

- in store

III. adjective

Date: 1574

1. or stores : of, relating to, kept in, or used for a store

2. : purchased from a store as opposed to being natural or homemade : manufactured, ready-made

store clothes

store bread

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.