Meaning of SWITCH in English



Function: transitive verb

Date: circa 1611

1 : to strike or beat with or as if with a switch

2 : WHISK , LASH <a cat switch ing its tail>

3 a (1) : to turn from one railroad track to another : SHUNT (2) : to move (cars) to different positions on the same track within terminal areas b : to make a shift in or exchange of < switch seats>

4 a : to shift to another electrical circuit by means of a switch b (1) : to operate an electrical switch so as to turn (as a device) on or off ― usually used with on or off (2) : to change to or from an active state ― usually used with on or off < switch ed on the gene>

intransitive verb

1 : to lash from side to side

2 : to make a shift or exchange

– switch · able \ ' swi-ch ə -b ə l \ adjective

– switch · er noun

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