Meaning of SWITCH in English

/ swɪtʃ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a small device that you press or move up and down in order to turn a light or piece of electrical equipment on and off :

a light switch

an on-off switch

That was in the days before electricity was available at the flick of a switch .

Which switch do I press to turn it off?

to throw a switch (= to move a large switch)


switch (in / of sth) | switch (from A to B) a change from one thing to another, especially when this is sudden and complete :

a switch of priorities

She made the switch from full-time to part-time work when her first child was born.

a policy switch


( NAmE ) the points on a railway / railroad line


a thin stick that bends easily :

a riding switch

■ verb


switch (sth) (over) (from sth) (to sth) | switch (between A and B) to change or make sth change from one thing to another :

[ v ]

We're in the process of switching over to a new system of invoicing.

Press these two keys to switch between documents on screen.

[ vn ]

When did you switch jobs?


[ vn ] switch sth (with sth) | switch sth (over / around / round) to exchange one thing for another

SYN swap :

The dates of the last two exams have been switched.

I see you've switched the furniture around (= changed its position) .

Do you think she'll notice if I switch my glass with hers?


switch (sth) (with sb) | switch (sth) (over / around / round) to do sb else's job for a short time or work during different hours so that they can do your job or work during your usual hours

SYN swap :

[ v ]

I can't work next weekend—will you switch with me?

[ vn ]

Have you been able to switch your shift with anyone?


- switch off

- switch off / on | switch sth off / on

- switch over | switch sth over



late 16th cent. (denoting a thin tapering riding whip): probably from Low German .

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