Meaning of BEETLE in English


[bee.tle] n [ME betylle, fr. OE bitula; akin to bitan to bite] (bef. 12c) 1: any of an order (Coleoptera) of insects having four wings of which the outer pair are modified into stiff elytra that protect the inner pair when at rest

2: any of various insects resembling a beetle

[2]beetle vi bee.tled ; bee.tling (ca. 1919): to scurry like a beetle "editors beetled around the office" [3]beetle n [ME betel, fr. OE bietel; akin to OE beatan to beat] (bef. 12c) 1: a heavy wooden hammering or ramming instrument

2: a wooden pestle or bat for domestic tasks [4]beetle adj [ME bitel-browed having overhanging brows, prob. fr. betylle, bitel beetle] (14c): being prominent and overhanging "~ brows" [5]beetle vi bee.tled ; bee.tling (1602): project, jut "to scale the beetling cra gs --R. L. Stevenson"

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