Meaning of BEETLE in English


1. n. & v.


1. any insect of the order Coleoptera, with modified front wings forming hard protective cases closing over the back wings.

2 colloq. any similar, usu. black, insect.

3 sl. a type of compact rounded Volkswagen saloon car.

4 a dice game in which a beetle is drawn or assembled.

--v.intr. colloq. (foll. by about, away, etc.) Brit. hurry, scurry.

Phrases and idioms:

beetle-crusher Brit. colloq. a large boot or foot.

Etymology: OE bitula biter f. bitan BITE 2. n. & v.


1. a tool with a heavy head and a handle, used for ramming, crushing, driving wedges, etc.

2 a machine used for heightening the lustre of cloth by pressure from rollers.

1. ram, crush, drive, etc., with a beetle.

2 finish (cloth) with a beetle.

Etymology: OE betel f. Gmc 3. adj. & v.

--adj. (esp. of the eyebrows) projecting, shaggy, scowling.

--v.intr. (usu. as beetling adj.) (of brows, cliffs, etc.) projecting; overhanging threateningly.

Phrases and idioms:

beetle-browed with shaggy, projecting, or scowling eyebrows.

Etymology: ME: orig. unkn.

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