Meaning of CHART in English


[chart] n [MF charte, fr. L charta piece of papyrus, document--more at card] (1571) 1: map: as a: an outline map exhibiting something (as climatic or magnetic variations) in its geographical aspects b: a map for the use of navigators

2. a: a sheet giving information in tabular form b: graph c: diagram d: a sheet of paper ruled and graduated for use in a recording instrument e: a listing by rank (as of sales)--usu. used in pl. "number one on the ~s --Tim Cahill"

3: a musical arrangement; also: a part in such an arrangement

[2]chart vt (1842) 1: to lay out a plan for

2: to make a map or chart of ~ vi: to be ranked on a chart "the song ~ed for three months"

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