Meaning of CHART in English


/ tʃɑːt; NAmE tʃɑːrt/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a page or sheet of information in the form of diagrams, lists of figures, etc. :

a weather chart

a sales chart (= showing the level of a company's sales)

—see also bar chart , flow chart , pie chart


[ C ] a detailed map of the sea :

a naval chart


the charts [ pl. ] ( especially BrE ) a list, produced each week, of the pop music records that have sold the most copies :

The album went straight into the charts at number 1.

to top the charts (= to be the record that has sold more copies than all the others)

■ verb [ vn ]


to record or follow the progress or development of sb/sth :

The exhibition charts the history of the palace.


to plan a course of action :

She had carefully charted her route to the top of her profession.


to make a map of an area

SYN map :

Cook charted the coast of New Zealand in 1768.



late 16th cent.: from French charte , from Latin charta paper, papyrus leaf from Greek khartēs .

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