Meaning of CURTAIN in English


[cur.tain] n [ME curtine, fr. OF, fr. LL cortina (trans. of Gk aulaia, fr. aule court), fr. L cohort-, cohors enclosure, court--more at court] (14c) 1: a hanging screen usu. capable of being drawn back or up; esp: window drapery

2: a device or agency that conceals or acts as a barrier--compare iron curtain 3 a: the part of a bastioned front that connects two neighboring bastions b (1): a similar stretch of plain wall (2): a nonbearing exterior wall

4. a: the movable screen separating the stage from the auditorium of a theater b: the ascent or opening (as at the beginning of a play) of a stage curtain; also: its descent or closing (as at the end of an act) c: the final situation, line, or scene of an act or play d: the time at which a theatrical performance begins e pl: end; esp: death "it will be ~s for us if we're caught" -- cur.tain.less adj

[2]curtain vt cur.tained ; (14c) 1: to furnish with or as if with curtains

2: to veil or shut off with or as if with a curtain

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