Meaning of CURTAIN in English


/ ˈkɜːtn; NAmE ˈkɜːrtn/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a piece of cloth that is hung to cover a window :

to draw / pull / close the curtains (= to pull them across the window so they cover it)

to draw / draw back / pull back the curtains (= to open them, so that the window is no longer covered)

It was ten in the morning but the curtains were still drawn (= closed) .

a pair of curtains

—see also drape


( NAmE ) = net curtain


[ C ] a piece of cloth that is hung up as a screen in a room or around a bed, for example :

a shower curtain

—see also the Iron Curtain


[ sing. ] a piece of thick, heavy cloth that hangs in front of the stage in the theatre :

The audience was waiting for the curtain to rise (= for the play to begin) .

There was tremendous applause when the curtain came down (= the play ended) .

We left just before the final curtain .

( figurative )

The curtain has fallen on her long and distinguished career (= her career has ended) .

( figurative )

It's time to face the final curtain (= the end; death) .


[ C , usually sing. ] a thing that covers, hides or protects sth :

a curtain of rain / smoke

She pushed back the curtain of brown hair from her eyes.


- be curtains (for sb)

- bring down the curtain on sth | bring the curtain down on sth

■ verb

[ vn ] to provide curtains for a window or a room


- curtain sth off



Middle English : from Old French cortine , from late Latin cortina , translation of Greek aulaia , from aulē court.

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