Meaning of CURVE in English

[curve] adj [ME, fr. L curvus; akin to Gk kyrtos convex, MIr cruinn round] (15c) archaic: bent or formed into a curve

[2]curve vb curved ; [L curvare, fr. curvus] vi (1594): to have or take a turn, change, or deviation from a straight line or plane surface without sharp breaks or angularity ~ vt 1: to cause to curve

2: to throw a curveball to (a batter)

3: to grade (as an examination) on a curve [3]curve n (1696) 1 a: a line esp. when curved: as (1): the path of a moving point (2): a line defined by an equation so that the coordinates of its points are functions of a single independent variable or parameter b: the graph of a variable

2: something curved: as a: a curving line of the human body b pl: parenthesis 3 a: curveball b: trick, deception

4: a distribution indicating the relative performance of individuals measured against each other that is used esp. in assigning good, medium, or poor grades to usu. predetermined proportions of students rather than in assigning grades based on predetermined standards of achievement -- curvy adj

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