Meaning of CUSHION in English


[cush.ion] n [ME cusshin, fr. MF coissin, fr. (assumed) VL coxinus, fr. L coxa hip--more at coxa] (14c) 1: a soft pillow or pad usu. used for sitting, reclining, or kneeling

2: a bodily part resembling a pad

3: something resembling a cushion: as a: pillow

2. b: rat 3 c: a pad of springy rubber along the inside of the rim of a billiard table d: a padded insert in a shoe e: an elastic body for reducing shock f: a mat laid under a large rug to ease the effect of wear

4. a: something (as an economic factor or a medical procedure) serving to mitigate the effects of disturbances or disorders b: a reserve supply (as of money) c: a comfortable lead "a 4-0 ~ in the ninth inning" -- cush.ion.less adj -- cush.iony adj

[2]cushion vt cush.ioned ; (ca. 1738) 1: to seat or place on a cushion

2: to suppress by ignoring

3: to furnish with a cushion

4. a: to mitigate the effects of b: to protect against force or shock

5: to check gradually so as to minimize shock of moving parts

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