Meaning of CUSHION in English


I. ˈku̇shən sometimes -shin noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English cuisshin, cusshin, from Middle French coissin, cussin, coussin, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin coxinus, from Latin coxa hip + -inus -ine — more at coxa


a. : a bag or case made typically of cloth, upholstery, or matting that is stuffed with a soft or resilient material and used for sitting, reclining, or kneeling : pillow , pad

b. : the cushion on the seat of a ruler or judge often regarded as a symbol of his office

c. : the cushion on which a Bible or other book rests on a lectern

d. : a cushion regarded as a symbol of ease and luxury

2. : a part resembling a pad: as

a. : the fleshy part of the rump of the horse or pig


(1) : the frog of a horse's hoof

(2) : the pad just above the hoof

c. : the fleshy foreface or top lips of certain animals (as the bulldog)

d. : pulvillus

e. : the ball of the thumb

f. : the soft feathers about the base of the tail of a hen especially when present in excess

g. : strawberry comb

h. : a boned shoulder of pork or lamb with a pocket for stuffing

3. : something resembling a cushion in properties or use: as

a. : pillow 3

b. : pincushion

c. : rat 3

d. : bustle

e. : the pad of springy rubber affixed along the upper part of the inside of the rim of a billiard table or pool table — called also bank

f. : the head of a drill brace

g. : a padded insole : a padded insert in a shoe at the ball or heel

h. : a strip of soft resilient rubber between the breaker and carcass of a pneumatic tire to secure the adhesion of carcass to tread and assist in protecting the former


(1) : an architectural part (as a frieze) that projects convexly — compare cushion capital

(2) : the top stone of a pier supporting an arch

j. : an artificial pool provided to absorb the kinetic energy of falling water and so prevent erosion

k. : an elastic body (as of air or steam) for reducing shock ; especially : the steam allowed to remain in an engine cylinder after exhaust in order to avoid shock by reducing the momentum of the reciprocating parts

l. : a layer of fine material (as sand, granulated slag, bituminous mastic, or stone screenings) placed on top of a foundation for a block pavement

m. or cush·ion·ing -sh(ə)niŋ, -shin- : a structure or material used to separate and protect goods in transit from shock and damage

n. : a felt mat laid under a large rug to ease the effect of wear

o. : a pad on which gold leaf is placed to be cut

4. obsolete : a swelling like that of pregnancy


a. : something serving to mitigate the effects of economic disturbances

public works to provide jobs as a cushion against unemployment

: a factor that lessens adverse developments in the economy and limits price declines in markets; especially : a monetary reserve for use in special circumstances

a thickened cushion of liquid assets for protection — New York Herald Tribune

b. : margin : reserve supply

a cushion of resources

6. : a medical method, procedure, or drug that eases a patient's discomfort without necessarily affecting his basic condition

7. : program material that can be lengthened, shortened, or omitted entirely to make a radio or television program end exactly on time

II. transitive verb

( cushioned ; cushioned ; cushioning -sh(ə)niŋ, -shin- ; cushions )

1. : to seat (a person) on a cushion : prop up or make comfortable with cushions

nurses cushioning his injured shoulder


a. : to suppress by ignoring

cushioning the scandalous occurrence

b. : to mitigate the effects of : palliate : protect by absorbing or checking harmful force or shock : keep from harm or shock as if with a cushion

cushioning the blow

cushioning the public from disappointment

3. : to provide or equip with a cushion or cushions : pad

cushion the wooden seats

: protect from jarring effects with or as if with a cushion

soft tires that cushion the ride

4. : to check gradually so as to minimize shock due to the inertia of moving parts

cushion a piston by leaving some steam in the cylinder after exhaust

III. noun

: a comfortable lead

a 4-0 cushion in the ninth inning

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