Meaning of FLOP in English


[flop] vb flopped ; [alter. of

[2]flap] vi (1602) 1: to swing or move loosely: flap

2: to throw or move oneself in a heavy, clumsy, or relaxed manner "flopped into the chair"

3: to change or turn suddenly

4: to go to bed "a place to ~ at night"

5: to fail completely "the play flopped" ~ vt: to move or drop heavily or noisily: cause to flop "flopped the bundles down" "~ the rag over" -- flop.per n

[2]flop adv (1728): right, squarely "fell ~ on my face" [3]flop n (1823) 1: an act or sound of flopping

2: a complete failure 3 slang: a place to sleep; esp: flophouse

4: dung "cow ~"; also: a piece of dung

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