Meaning of FLOP in English


v., n., & adv.

--v.intr. (flopped, flopping)

1. sway about heavily or loosely (hair flopped over his face).

2 move in an ungainly way (flopped along the beach in flippers).

3 (often foll. by down, on, into) sit, kneel, lie, or fall awkwardly or suddenly (flopped down on to the bench).

4 sl. (esp. of a play, film, book, etc.) fail; collapse (flopped on Broadway).

5 sl. sleep.

6 make a dull sound as of a soft body landing, or of a flat thing slapping water.


1. a a flopping movement. b the sound made by it.

2 sl. a failure.

3 sl. esp. US a bed.

--adv. with a flop.

Phrases and idioms:

flop-house sl. esp. US a doss-house.

Etymology: var. of FLAP

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