Meaning of FLOP in English


I. ˈfläp verb

( flopped ; flopped ; flopping ; flops )

Etymology: alteration of flap (II)

intransitive verb


a. : to move irregularly to and fro or up and down : flap

scarf flopping about her ears

the fledgling's wings flopped again and again but it could not get off the ground

b. : to move or drop with heavy clumsiness as if inert

flopped over on his other side for a last nap

c. : to strike about with something broad and flat

the fish flopped helplessly on the bank

d. : to progress by flopping

pelicans flopping across the sky


a. : to throw oneself down heavily, clumsily, or in a completely relaxed manner

so tired that I flopped into the hammock without another word

b. slang : to dispose oneself for rest or sleep ; specifically : to go to bed

it's time to flop

3. : to change or turn suddenly (as from one course to another)

4. : to fail abysmally

anyone may flop once without disgrace

in spite of good reviews the show flopped

transitive verb

1. slang Britain : to strike especially heavily

flopped his rival on the head


a. : to turn or drop suddenly and usually heavily or noisily

sat flopping the pages of the book

flopped her bundles on the table

b. : to settle (oneself) with a heavy clumsy movement : plump

flopped himself into a chair

flopped himself over without awaking


a. : to make (as a photoengraving) or print (as a picture) so that an image appears with right and left sides transposed

b. : to reverse (as a two-color form) so that the colors are transposed

II. adverb

1. : right , just , exactly

fell flop on his face

jumped flop back into the hole

2. : with a sound of flopping

tumbled flop into the mud

III. noun

( -s )


a. : an act or sound of flopping

the fish gave a flop and landed back in the water

squelched through the mud with loud flops at every step

b. : about-face : a sudden change (as of policy)


a. : a sudden decline

stocks took a flop yesterday

: fall , collapse

b. : something that falls flat : fizzle , dud

everyone expected his new play to be a flop

c. : something or someone lacking success, effectiveness, or adequacy : failure

was a flop as a reporter

the new economic plan was a flop from the very beginning

3. slang : a place to sleep ; usually : a cheap rooming house or hotel catering to impoverished men or a bed in such a place — compare flophouse

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.