Meaning of FLOWER in English


[] n [ME flour flower, best of anything, flour, fr. OF flor, flour, fr. L flor-, flos--more at blow] (13c) 1 a: blossom, inflorescence b: a shoot of the sporophyte of a higher plant that is modified for reproduction and consists of a shortened axis bearing modified leaves; esp: one of a seed plant differentiated into a calyx, corolla, stamens, and carpels c: a plant cultivated for its blossoms

2. a: the best part or example "the ~ of our youth" b: the finest most vigorous period c: a state of blooming or flourishing "in full ~" 3 pl: a finely divided powder produced esp. by condensation or sublimation "~s of sulfur" -- flow.ered adj -- adj -- adj -- adj

[2]flower vi (13c) 1 a: develop "~ed into young womanhood" b: flourish

2: to produce flowers: blossom ~ vt 1: to cause to bear flowers

2: to decorate with flowers or floral designs -- n

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