Meaning of GRAFT in English


[graft] n [ME graffe, grafte, fr. MF grafe, fr. ML graphium, fr. L, stylus, fr. Gk grapheion, fr. graphein to write--more at carve] (14c) 1 a: a grafted plant b: scion 1 c: the point of insertion of a scion upon a stock

2. a: the act of grafting b: something grafted; specif: living tissue used in grafting

[2]graft vt (14c) 1 a: to cause (a scion) to unite with a stock; also: to unite (plants or scion and stock) to form a graft b: to propagate (a plant) by grafting

2. a: to join or unite as if by grafting b: to attach (a chemical unit) to a main molecular chain

3: to implant (living tissue) surgically ~ vi 1: to become grafted

2: to perform grafting -- n [3]graft n [E dial. graft, vb., to work, perh. alter. of [1]grave (to dig)] (1853) chiefly Brit: work, labor [4]graft [origin unknown] vt (1859): to get (illicit gain) by graft ~ vi: to practice graft [5]graft n (1865): the acquisition of gain (as money) in dishonest or questionable ways; also: illegal or unfair gain

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