Meaning of HALT in English


[halt] adj [ME, fr. OE healt; akin to OHG halz lame] (bef. 12c): lame

[2]halt vi (bef. 12c) 1: to walk or proceed lamely: limp

2: to stand in perplexity or doubt between alternate courses: waver

3: to display weakness or imperfection: falter [3]halt n [G, fr. MHG, fr. halt, imper. of halten to hold, fr. OHG haltan--more at hold] (ca. 1598): stop [4]halt vi (1656) 1: to cease marching or journeying

2: discontinue, terminate "the project ~ed for lack of funds" ~ vt 1: to bring to a stop "the strike ~ed subways and buses"

2: to cause the discontinuance of: end

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