Meaning of HOUR in English

[hour] n [ME, fr. OF heure, fr. LL & L; LL hora canonical hour, fr. L, hour of the day, fr. Gk hora--more at year] (13c) 1: a time or office for daily liturgical devotion; esp: canonical hour

2: the 24th part of a day: 60 minutes 3 a: the time of day reckoned in two 12-hour periods b pl: the time reckoned in one 24-hour period from midnight to midnight using a 4-digit number of which the first two digits indicate the hour and the last two digits indicate the minute "in the military 4:30 p.m. is called 1630 ~s"

4. a: a customary or particular time "lunch ~" "in our ~ of need" b pl: time of going to bed "keeps late ~s"; also: time of working "banker's ~s"

5: an angular unit of right ascension equal to 15 degrees measured along the celestial equator

6: the work done or distance traveled at normal rate in an hour "the city was two ~s away"

7. a: a class session b: credit hour, semester hour -- after hours : after the regular quitting or closing time

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