Meaning of INTERFERENCE in English


[in.ter.fer.ence] n (1783) 1 a: the act or process of interfering b: something that interferes: obstruction

2: the mutual effect on meeting of two wave trains (as of light or sound) that constitutes alternating areas of increased and decreased amplitude (as light and dark lines or louder and softer sound) 3 a: the legal blocking of an opponent in football to make way for the ballcarrier b: the illegal hindering of an opponent in sports

4: partial or complete inhibition or sometimes facilitation of other genetic crossovers in the vicinity of a chromosomal locus where a preceding crossover has occurred

5. a: confusion of a received radio signal due to the presence of noise (as atmospherics) or signals from two or more transmitters on a single frequency b: something that produces such confusion

6: the disturbing effect of new learning on the performance of previously learned behavior with which it is inconsistent -- in.ter.fer.en.tial adj

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