Meaning of INTERFERENCE in English






For theft there must be adverse interference or usurpation.

In Morris the Lords held that there was no appropriation without an adverse interference with or usurpation of the owner's rights.


He had quit, he said, because he no longer knew what to say when head teachers complained about bureaucratic interference .

More will become involved if given the opportunity to experiment free of regulatory restraints and bureaucratic interference .

Midge protested at what she saw as bureaucratic interference in what should have been a private grief.


And the Liverpool Society warns of the threat of external interference if the profession is not seen to be demonstrating effective self-regulation.


Strident editorials in the official press condemned foreign interference and predicted the worldwide triumph of socialism.


A reformed Competition Commission will be able to break up monopolies, free from interference from ministers.

These can be studied free of interference from positively charged counter-ions - something chemists normally find extremely hard to achieve.

To achieve these purposes, such organisations must be free from government interference or control. 4.


If they do so for long enough, one species may be absorbed into another. Human interference is often to blame.

In most cases, nocturnal singing, such as your whitethroat indulged in, also comes about through human interference .

Strong and prescient words, yet Marsh was not calling for a halt to all human interference .


The skill becomes increasingly resistant to stress influences and can be continued despite outside interference .

They are expected suddenly to adapt to the modern world after a century of colonial domination and outside interference .

I remember resenting even this slender evidence of outside interference .

Again it's cheap, and offers the least resistance to outside interference .


It assumed also an absence of political interference .

That the system must be insulated from political interference is easy to say and difficult, but not impossible, to accomplish.

Its difficulties have partly stemmed from cuts in Medicaid, but also from political interference .

Some prisoners who would not normally have received the death sentence may have fallen victim to political interference in the judicial process.

Such a move would reimpose the dead hand of state control and political interference .

The chairman was arrested, and his phone records showed numerous calls from Vajpayee's office, raising questions of political interference .

Party political interference , he said, rejecting the possibility of a London police authority, was especially to be abhorred.

If John Mallet believes that the restructuring proposals at the V&A were the result of political interference , he will believe anything.


The only possible reason for your unwarranted interference is boredom!



I had hoped we were now beyond reach of Government interference .

The measure passed easily, but heavy-handed government interference in the voting brought the result into question.

But I believe - most of us believe - that this is not a legitimate area for Government interference .

And although government programs have their flaws, they are totally consistent with heavy government interference in agriculture.

With less Government interference , more local competence will emerge.

Can a well-funded public telecommunications system be reconciled with the First Amendment principle of a press free of government interference and involvement?

I want an inspectorate to have the ability to make comments and criticisms and to be free of direct government interference .

The high gas prices and long lines were prolonged by government interference in the private sector.


Back judge Bill Lovett saw pass interference on Woodson and threw a penalty flag.


A clear interference pattern is produced.

Our intervention with the lamp has destroyed the interference pattern .

This process forms gratings in the crystal, a record of the interference pattern .

The resulting interference pattern is recorded in the emulsion on the holographic plate.


Of course, these straight forward ideas mask substantial ethical and practical problems associated with state interference in family life.

She had been admitted to the school without state interference and expelled for criticizing the board of trustees.

The ill-effects of state interference in the economy take several forms.

Eberhard Lammert, president of Berlin's Free University, understandably resents state interference with professorships and other internal matters.


Other interference theories attribute latent inhibition to the effects of an association between the pre-exposed stimulus and its consequences.

There are two main kinds of theory of why animals forget: the decay theory and the interference theory.

According to the interference theory , animals forget things not because memory fades but because other memories displace them.

The rat experiments that we have been considering suggest that the interference theory is more accurate.



Later it may possibly be used in ordinary conversation, but again quiet circumstances avoid interference from the background noise.

That is, there is reason to accept the outcome of market processes and avoid interference with them.

Counting was done 2 weeks after completion of studies to avoid interference from urine 1 1 1 In.

The inspectors, appointed by the Crown in order to avoid governmental interference , had right of access to virtually any chemical company.

One manufacturer, Superswitch, provides 16 possible address codes to ensure that neighbours can avoid mutual interference if they want to.


An important consequence of this is that one can observe what is called interference between two sets of waves or particles.

He calls it an interference with free markets.


A computer in the same building can cause interference .


The aim of the law of public nuisance is to prevent interference with the rights of the public at large.

In each case, federal troops were ostensibly used to prevent interference to the mail.

Food is shared to reduce risks of damage in fighting and to prevent interference with eating.

The delegates wanted both a stable militia and a stable national standing army, providing the states could prevent uninvited national interference .

Security was increased during the elections to ensure public order and to prevent any interference with polling stations.

This could help to prevent interference , in the absence of filters.

In Band B, address codes alone could not prevent interference .


Complete stopping-down, however, produces spurious interference effects at grain edges and reduces resolution.


Even with Hilton Railey running interference , the first twenty-four hours in London were rocky indeed.

Denver ran a mighty interference and on the third day flat-out asked Paul D how long he was going to hang around.


There's a lot of interference on my car radio.

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