Meaning of OUT- in English


[out-] prefix [[1] out]: in a manner that exceeds or surpasses and sometimes overpowers or defeats "outmaneuver"out.achieve out.act out.bitch out.bluff out.brag out.brawl out.bulk out.catch out.charge out.climb out.daz.zle out.drag out.dress out.drink out.du.el out.earn out.fight out.fig.ure out.fum.ble out.gain out.glit.ter out.gross out.hit out.ho.mer out.hunt out.hus.tle out.jump out.kick out.kill out.last out.leap out.learn out.march out.mus.cle out.pass out.per.form out.pitch out.plot out.pol.i.tick out.poll out.pop.u.late out.pray out.preach out.price out.prom.ise out.punch out.rate out.ri.val out.roar out.row out.rush out.sail out.scheme out.scoop out.score out.shout out.sing out.sit out.skate out.soar out.spar.kle out.speed out.sprint out.stride out.swear out.swim out.think out.throw out.vie out.wait out.walk out.wres.tle out.write out.yell out.yield

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