Meaning of PICKLE in English

[pick.le] n [ME pekille] (15c) 1: a solution or bath for preserving or cleaning: as a: a brine or vinegar solution in which foods are preserved b: any of various baths used in industrial cleaning or processing

2: a difficult situation: plight "could see no way out of the ~ I was in --R. L. Stevenson"

3: an article of food that has been preserved in brine or in vinegar; specif: a cucumber that has been so preserved

4. Brit: a mischievous or troublesome person

[2]pickle vt pick.led ; pick.ling (1570) 1: to treat, preserve, or clean in or with a pickle

2: to give a light finish to (as furniture) by bleaching or painting and wiping [3]pickle n [perh. fr. Sc pickle to trifle, pilfer] (1552) 1 Scot: grain, kernel

2. Scot: a small quantity

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