Meaning of QUARTER in English

[quar.ter] n [ME, fr. OF quartier, fr. L quartarius, fr. quartus fourth] (14c) 1: one of four equal parts into which something is divisible: a fourth part "in the top ~ of his class"

2: any of various units of capacity or weight equal to or derived from one fourth of some larger unit

3: any of various units of length or area equal to one fourth of some larger unit

4: the fourth part of a measure of time: as a: one of a set of four 3-month divisions of a year "business was up during the third ~" b: a school term of about 12 weeks c: quarter hour "a ~ after three"

5. a: a coin worth a quarter of a dollar b: the sum of 25 cents

6. a: one limb of a quadruped with the adjacent parts; esp: one fourth part of the carcass of a slaughtered animal including a leg b pl, Brit: hindquarter


7. a: the region or direction lying under any of the four divisions of the horizon b: one of the four parts into which the horizon is divided or the cardinal point corresponding to it c: a compass point or direction other than the cardinal points d (1): an unspecified person or group "financial help from many ~s --Current Biog." (2): a point, direction, or place not definitely identified "the view to the rear ~ --Consumer Reports"

8. a: a division or district of a town or city "he describes the immigrant ~ --Alfred Kazin" b: the inhabitants of such a quarter

9. a: an assigned station or post b pl: an assembly of a ship's company for ceremony, drill, or emergency c pl: living accommodations: lodgings "show you to your ~s" 10: merciful consideration of an opponent; specif: the clemency of not killing a defeated enemy 11: a fourth part of the moon's period 12: the side of a horse's hoof between the toe and the heel--see hoof illustration 13 a: any of the four parts into which a heraldic field is divided b: a bearing or charge occupying the first fourth part of a heraldic field 14: the state of two machine parts that are exactly at right angles to one another or are spaced about a circle so as to subtend a right angle at the center of the circle 15 a: the stern area of a ship's side b: the part of the yardarm outside the slings 16: one side of the upper of a shoe or boot from heel to vamp 17: one of the four equal periods into which the playing time of some games is divided

[2]quarter vt (14c) 1 a: to cut or divide into four equal or nearly equal parts "~ an apple" "condemned to be hanged, drawn, and ~ed" b archaic: divide

2: to provide with lodging or shelter

3: to crisscross (an area) in many directions

4. a: to arrange or bear (as different coats of arms) quarterly on one escutcheon b: to add (a coat of arms) to others on one escutcheon c: to divide (a shield) into distinct sections (as by stripes)

5: to adjust or locate (as cranks) at right angles in a machine ~ vi 1: lodge, dwell

2: to crisscross a district

3: to change from one quarter to another "the moon ~s"

4: to strike on a ship's quarter "the wind was ~ing" [3]quarter adj (14c): consisting of or equal to a quarter

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