Meaning of QUARTER in English

n. 1 fourth Statistics showed that a quarter of the population attended church regularly 2 three-month period, three months, ninety days, thirteen weeks; fifteen minutes; phase (of the moon), quadrature The first quarter's rent is now due We waited a quarter of an hour. The moon is in its third quarter. 3 area, region, part, section, district, zone, division, territory, place, neighbourhood, locality, locale, location, point, spot; direction The army was called in to patrol the quarter of the city where looting had occurred It was difficult to tell from which quarter the wind was blowing. 4 mercy, compassion, mercifulness, clemency, leniency, forgiveness, favour, humanity, pity The hostages expected no quarter from their captors 5 quarters. living quarters, lodging(s), dwelling-place, dwelling, accommodation(s), rooms, chambers, residence, shelter, habitation, domicile, home, house, abode; Military billet, barracks, cantonment, casern or caserne We found comfortable quarters in which we remained during our stay in the area

v. 6 lodge, accommodate, house, board, shelter, put up; Military billet, post, station The tour guide stayed at the best hotel, while we were quartered in a youth hostel

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