Meaning of SEGMENT in English


[seg.ment] n [L segmentum, fr. secare to cut--more at saw] (1570) 1 a: a separate piece of something: bit, fragment "chop the stalks into short ~s" b: one of the constituent parts into which a body, entity, or quantity is divided or marked off by or as if by natural boundaries "all ~s of the population agree"

2: a portion cut off from a geometric figure by one or more points, lines, or planes: as a: the part of a circular area bounded by a chord and an arc of that circle or so much of the area as is cut off by the chord b: the part of a sphere cut off by a plane or included between two parallel planes c: the finite part of a line between two points in the line syn see part -- adj

[2]seg.ment vt (1859): to separate into segments: give off as segments

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