Meaning of SEGMENT in English


noun , verb

■ noun / ˈsegmənt; NAmE /


a part of sth that is separate from the other parts or can be considered separately :

She cleaned a small segment of the painting.

Lines divided the area into segments.


one of the sections of an orange, a lemon, etc.

—picture at grapefruit


( geometry ) a part of a circle separated from the rest by a single line

—picture at circle


( phonetics ) the smallest speech sound that a word can be divided into

■ verb

/ segˈment/ [ vn ] [ often passive ] ( technical ) to divide sth into different parts :

Market researchers often segment the population on the basis of age and social class.

The worm has a segmented body (= with different sections joined together) .



late 16th cent. (as a term in geometry): from Latin segmentum , from secare to cut. The verb dates from the mid 19th cent.

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