Meaning of SEGMENT in English


I. noun




Should we concentrate our focus on certain market segments ?

It could probably be taught in social studies classes as describing a belief held by certain segments of the population.


Distinctive feature analysis looks at different properties of segments and classes of segments.

By focusing on wage profiles it is possible to show contrasts between different segments of the labour market.

This is a revolving disc of different colour segments which automatically change the colour of the fountain.


The second important segment is rural electrification.

He certainly represented an important segment of the Orthodox community, with a prodigious capacity for fund-raising and vote-getting.

The indifferent continue to greatly outnumber the inspired when it comes to decentralized management in that important segment of the management population.


Microprocessor sales represent one of the largest segments of the chip market.

But now a new outlook is sweeping large segments of the academic community.

To make advanced computing and communications information infrastructure available to-and usable by-a larger segment of the society.

The process by which larger segments get buried this way seems to be a kind of perverse shorthand.

A large segment of the population surveyed was regularly taking vitamin supplements.

These brown shales underlie about 160, 000 square miles of the western and larger segment of the Appalachian Basin.


Sprinkle the chopped orange segments over the apple and pineapple mixture.

Garnish with parsley or coriander and orange segments .

Add the orange segments and rind. 4.

Trawler Pots - smoked mackerel fillets, flaked and mandarin orange segments blended with mayonnaise. 10.

Garnish with orange segments and toasted almonds.

Set aside four orange segments , for decorating the dessert before serving.

Add the remaining orange segments to the other fruit in the processor. 2.


Orders from other market segments remained firm with demand patterns clear for more than two years, he said.

Their disposable wealth is increasing faster than any other segment of the population.

Previously, we have shown similar patterns in other intestinal segments by use of impedance planimetry.

The other segment conveys the new information that the speaker wishes to convey to the hearer.

The yield curve is therefore determined by supply and demand conditions in each market segment without reference to conditions in other segments.


These services have been positioned against a particular segment within the diffused travel market, and are promoted accordingly.

This right context information can change the interpretation of a particular segment .

None the less, many employers wish to concentrate for redundancy purposes upon only a particular segment of the work-force.


For instance, lasers could cut cloth into small segments .

To print smaller segments of text, press Alt-F4 to highlight the text, then press Shift-F7.

This will only go to the small segment mailed in October.

Just take one small segment of your life and describe a specific achievement.


It is getting harder by the day to isolate the various segments of the electronic publishing industry into neat little compartments.

Shifting tides have subsequently resulted in conflict among various segments of Arab society, none more potent than the struggle of women.

Thus looking at changes in sales in the various business segments is important when analysing overall profit margin.



Peel 3 more oranges, cutting away all the pith and membrane. Cut into segments and add to the melon.

For instance, lasers could cut cloth into small segments .

Peel the orange and cut into segments .

Cut the peel and pith from the remaining two oranges and cut out the segments from each orange.

Cut the peel from the orange and cut out the segments with a small sharp knife.

When set, break up into small pieces. Cut the oranges into segments and place in a serving dish.


So the designers added external tendons that extend vertically, dividing the skin into segments like a pumpkin.

She searches the message boards, divided into alphabetical segments or by regions of the country, for information about relatives.

Here the hollow handle is oval in shape, has a pointed finial, and is divided into five equal segments .

Often it makes sense to divide a territory into segments radiating outwards, with the salesperson's home being at the centre.

A sentence is divided up into meaningful segments .

Coding sequences are divided into segments by comparing the structures of the known mRNAs.

The circle was divided into four equal segments by two straight paths; she took one of the paths.

They have bodies divided into segments , and their legs and jaws are arranged in pairs.


The tables in the following sub-sections include program segments that will sent the appropriate codes to the printer file.


An ant's body is divided into three distinct segments.

Decorate the cake with orange segments.

Each sales team targets its efforts at a particular segment of the general population.

orange segments

The program included a short segment about pet owners.


For the dragonflies, mould small curved lengths and mark on segments with a cocktail stick.

In this segment of the nephron, reabsorption is all isotonic, and no contribution to dilution is made.

Microprocessor sales represent one of the largest segments of the chip market.

The diagram has one segment filled in; pupils could fill in the others themselves, working either in groups or individually.

Their stories are bountiful in this engagingly mounted documentary, running Sunday night in three one-hour segments on the History Channel.

There is also a list of the next segments to be tried in the lattice.

II. verb


A semantic constituent which can not be segmented into more elementary semantic constituents will be termed a minimal semantic constituent.

Consumer markets are usually segmented on the basis of geography, demography and buyer-behaviour.

Doug prefers expensive Trojan silver fish, segmented to twist and swivel realistically.

Routers allow companies to departmentalize and segment their networks so that a problem on one segment does not bring down another department.

The average Vadinamian looks like an over-sized larva, boneless and segmented.

The tape, shot on February 25, will be shown in five-minute segments this week.

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