Meaning of SHIP in English


[ship] n, often attrib [ME, fr. OE scip; akin to OHG skif ship] (bef. 12c) 1 a: a large seagoing vessel b: a sailing vessel having a bowsprit and usu. three masts each composed of a lower mast, a topmast, and a topgallant mast

2: boat; esp: one propelled by power or sail

3: a ship's crew

4: fortune 3 "when their ~ comes in they'll be able to live in better style"

5: airship, airplane, spacecraft

[2]ship vb shipped ; vt (14c) 1 a: to place or receive on board a ship for transportation by water b: to cause to be transported "shipped him off to prep school"

2. obs: to provide with a ship

3: to put in place for use "~ the tiller"

4: to take into a ship or boat "~ the gangplank"

5: to engage for service on a ship

6: to take (as water) over the side--used of a boat or a ship ~ vi 1: to embark on a ship

2. a: to go or travel by ship--often used with out b: to proceed by ship or other means under military orders--often used with out

3: to engage to serve on shipboard -- adj

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