Meaning of SHIP in English


Synonyms and related words :

Graf Zeppelin, address, aeroplane, aerostat, air-express, aircraft, airfreight, airmail, airplane, airship, argosy, ark, avion, back, bag, balance rudder, ballonet, balloon, barge, barrel, bathyscaphe, batten, beak, beakhead, beam, bilge keelson, bitt, blimp, board, boat, bollard, bollard timber, bottle, bow, box, bracket plate, bridge, bulkhead, bulwarks, burden, bus, cam cleat, can, capstan, caravel, cargo ship, carling, carry, cart, casemate, cathead, ceiling, centerboard, cleat, coach, coast guard cutter, coaster, collier, companion, companionway, conning tower, consign, counter, crate, cutter, cutwater, daggerboard, davit, deadwood, deliver, depart, derelict, direct, dirigible, dirigible balloon, dislocate, dispatch, disturb, dray, dredge, drop a letter, embark, entrance, expedite, export, express, fantail, ferry, figurehead, fill, fishing boat, float, flying machine, forefoot, foresheets, foretop, forward, frame, freeboard, freight, freighter, futtock, gangplank, gangway, garboard strake, gasbag, get out, gudgeon, gunnel, gunwale, hatch, hatchway, haul, hawse, hawse timber, hawsehole, hawsepiece, hawsepipe, head, heap, heap up, heavier-than-air craft, heel, hydrofoil, icebreaker, island, keel, keel and keelson, keelson, kevel, kite, knee, lade, larboard, lash, leave, lee, lee side, leeward, lighter, lighter-than-air craft, lightship, liner, load, mail, maintop, mass, merchant ship, merchantman, mizzentop, move, nose, ocean liner, oiler, pack, pack away, packet, packet boat, paddle steamer, paddle wheel, picket ship, pile, pintle, plane, planking, pocket, poop, port, porthole, portside, post, propeller, prow, pulpit, quit, raft, rail, refrigeration ship, remit, remove, revenue cutter, rib, rigid airship, rotor, rotor ship, route, rubrail, rudder, rudderpost, rudderstock, run, sack, scram, screw steamer, scupper, scuttle, scuttlebutt, self-propelled barge, semirigid airship, send, send away, send forth, send off, set sail, shaft tunnel, sheave hole, sheer strake, sheets, shelf, shelfpiece, shift, ship out, side-wheeler, skeg, slaver, sled, sledge, snorkel, spar-decker, stack, stanchion, starboard, steam schooner, steam yacht, steamer, stem, stern, stern-wheeler, store, storeship, stow, strake, superstructure, tail end, take off, tanker, tender, tiller, tramp steamer, transfer, transmit, transom, transport, trawler, truck, turbine, van, vessel, wagon, waterline, waterway, weather, weather ship, weather side, weatherboard, whaler, wheel, wheelbarrow, winch, windlass, windward, zeppelin

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .