Meaning of THICK in English


[thick] adj [ME thikke, fr. OE thicce; akin to OHG dicki thick, OIr tiug] (bef. 12c) 1 a: having or being of relatively great depth or extent from one surface to its opposite "a ~ plank" b: heavily built: thickset

2. a: close-packed with units or individuals "the air was ~ with snow" b: occurring in large numbers: numerous c: viscous in consistency "~ syrup" d: sultry, stuffy e: marked by haze, fog, or mist "~ weather" f: impenetrable to the eye: profound "~ darkness" g: extremely intense "~ silence"

3: measuring in thickness "12 inches ~"

4. a: imperfectly articulated: indistinct "~ speech" b: plainly apparent: decided "a ~ French accent" c: producing inarticulate speech "a ~ tongue"

5: obtuse, stupid

6: associated on close terms: intimate "was quite ~ with his pastor" 7: exceeding bounds of propriety or fitness: excessive "called it a bit ~ to be fired without warning" -- thick.ish adj -- adv

[2]thick adv (bef. 12c): in a thick manner: thickly [3]thick n (13c) 1: the most crowded or active part "in the ~ of the battle"

2: the part of greatest thickness "the ~ of the thumb"

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