Meaning of THICK in English


adv frequently; fast; quick.

2. thick ·noun a thicket; as, gloomy thicks.

3. thick ·superl deep; profound; as, thick sleep.

4. thick ·superl intimate; very friendly; familiar.

5. thick ·superl dull; not quick; as, thick of fearing.

6. thick ·adv closely; as, a plat of ground thick sown.

7. thick ·vt & ·vi to thicken.

8. thick ·noun the thickest part, or the time when anything is thickest.

9. thick ·adv to a great depth, or to a greater depth than usual; as, land covered thick with manure.

10. thick ·superl dense; not thin; inspissated; as, thick vapors. also used figuratively; as, thick darkness.

11. thick ·superl not having due distinction of syllables, or good articulation; indistinct; as, a thick utterance.

12. thick ·superl abundant, close, or crowded in space; closely set; following in quick succession; frequently recurring.

13. thick ·superl not transparent or clear; hence, turbid, muddy, or misty; as, the water of a river is apt to be thick after a rain.

14. thick ·superl having more depth or extent from one surface to its opposite than usual; not thin or slender; as, a thick plank; thick cloth; thick paper; thick neck.

15. thick ·superl measuring in the third dimension other than length and breadth, or in general dimension other than length;

— said of a solid body; as, a timber seven inches thick.

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