Meaning of TIDE in English


[tide] n [ME, time, fr. OE tid; akin to OHG zit time and perh. to Gk daiesthai to divide] (bef. 12c) 1 a obs: a space of time: period b: a fit or opportune time: opportunity c: an ecclesiastical anniversary or festival; also: its season--usu. used in combination "Eastertide"

2. a (1): the alternate rising and falling of the surface of the ocean and of water bodies (as gulfs and bays) connected with the ocean that occurs usu. twice a day and is caused by the gravitational attraction of the sun and moon occurring unequally on different parts of the earth (2): a less marked rising and falling of an inland body of water (3): a periodic movement in the earth's crust caused by the same forces that produce ocean tides (4): a tidal distortion on one celestial body caused by the gravitational attraction of another (5): one of the tidal movements of the atmosphere resembling those of the ocean and produced by gravitation or diurnal temperature changes b: flood tide 1 3 a: something that fluctuates like the tides of the sea "the ~ of public opinion" b: a surging movement of a group "a ~ of opportunists"

4. a: a flowing stream: current b: the waters of the ocean c: the overflow of a flooding stream -- tide.less adj

[2]tide vb tid.ed ; vi (1593): to flow as or in a tide: surge ~ vt: to cause to float with or as if with the tide [3]tide vi tid.ed ; [ME, fr. OE tidan; akin to MD tiden to go, come, OE tid time] (bef. 12c) archaic: betide, befall

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