Meaning of TOGETHER in English


[] adv [ME togedere, fr. OE togaedere, fr. to to + gaedere together; akin to MHG gater together, OE gaderian to gather] (bef. 12c) 1 a: in or into one place, mass, collection, or group "the men get ~ every Thursday for poker" b: in a body: as a group "students and faculty ~ presented the petition"

2. a: in or into contact (as connection, collision, or union) "mix these ingredients ~" b: in or into association or relationship "colors that go well ~" "went to school ~" 3 a: at one time: simultaneously "events that happened ~" b: in succession: without intermission "was depressed for days ~"

4. a: by combined action: jointly "~ we forced the door" b: in or into agreement or harmony "the soloist and the orchestra weren't quite ~" c: in or into a unified or coherent structure or an integrated whole "can't even put a simple sentence ~" "pull yourself ~"

5. a: with each other--used as an intensive after certain verbs "join ~" "add ~" b: as a unit: in the aggregate "these arguments taken ~ make a convincing case" c: considered as a whole: counted or summed up "all ~, there were 21 entries" -- n -- together with : in addition to: in association with

[2]together adj (1963) 1: appropriately prepared, organized, or balanced

2: composed in mind or manner: self-possessed "a warm, sensitive, reasonably ~ girl --East Village Other"

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