Meaning of TOGETHER in English


/ təˈgeðə(r); NAmE / adverb , adjective

■ adverb

HELP NOTE : For the special uses of together in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example pull yourself together is in the phrasal verb section at pull .


with or near to sb/sth else; with each other :

We grew up together.

Together they climbed the dark stairs.

Get all the ingredients together before you start cooking.

Stay close together —I don't want anyone to get lost.


so that two or more things touch or are joined to or combined with each other :

He rubbed his hands together in satisfaction.

She nailed the two boards together.

Mix the sand and cement together.

Taken together , these factors are highly significant.

He has more money than the rest of us put together .


( of two people ) in a close relationship, for example a marriage :

They split up after ten years together.


in or into agreement :

After the meeting the two sides in the dispute were no closer together.


at the same time :

They both spoke together.

( informal )

All together now : 'Happy birthday to you ... '


for hours, days, etc. ~ ( formal ) for hours, days, etc. without stopping :

She sat for hours together just staring into space.


- together with

■ adjective

( informal , approving ) ( of a person ) well organized and confident :

He's incredibly together for someone so young.



Old English tōgædere , based on the preposition to + a West Germanic word related to gather . The adjective dates from the 1960s.

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