Meaning of DEMAND in English

I. di-ˈmand, -ˈmänd, dē- noun

Date: 13th century


a. : an act of demanding or asking especially with authority

a demand for obedience

b. : something claimed as due

a list of demand s

2. archaic : question


a. : willingness and ability to purchase a commodity or service

the demand for quality day care

b. : the quantity of a commodity or service wanted at a specified price and time

supply and demand


a. : a seeking or state of being sought after

in great demand as an entertainer

b. : urgent need

5. : the requirement of work or of the expenditure of a resource

equal to the demand s of the office

demand s on one's time

oxygen demand for waste oxidation

- on demand

II. verb

Etymology: Middle English demaunden, from Anglo-French demander, from Medieval Latin demandare, from Latin, to entrust, charge, from de- + mandare to enjoin — more at mandate

Date: 14th century

intransitive verb

: to make a demand : ask

transitive verb

1. : to ask or call for with authority : claim as due or just

demand ed to see a lawyer

2. : to call for urgently, peremptorily, or insistently

demand ed that the rioters disperse


a. : to ask authoritatively or earnestly to be informed of

demand the reason for the dismissal

b. : to require to come : summon

4. : to call for as useful or necessary

etiquette demand s a handwritten thank-you

• de·mand·able -ˈman-də-bəl adjective

• de·mand·er noun


demand , claim , require , exact mean to ask or call for something as due or as necessary. demand implies peremptoriness and insistence and often the right to make requests that are to be regarded as commands

demanded payment of the debt

claim implies a demand for the delivery or concession of something due as one's own or one's right

claimed the right to manage his own affairs

require suggests the imperativeness that arises from inner necessity, compulsion of law or regulation, or the exigencies of the situation

the patient requires constant attention

exact implies not only demanding but getting what one demands

exacts absolute loyalty

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.