Meaning of ACCOMMODATION in English


/ əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃn; NAmE əˌkɑːm-/ noun


[ U ] ( BrE ) a place to live, work or stay in :

rented / temporary / furnished accommodation

Hotel accommodation is included in the price of your holiday.

The building plans include much needed new office accommodation.

First-class accommodation is available on all flights.


accommodations [ pl. ] ( NAmE ) somewhere to live or stay, often also providing food or other services :

More and more travelers are looking for bed and breakfast accommodations in private homes.


[ C , U ] ( formal ) an agreement or arrangement between people or groups with different opinions which is acceptable to everyone; the process of reaching this agreement :

They were forced to reach an accommodation with the rebels.



early 17th cent.: from Latin accommodatio(n-) , from accommodare fit one thing to another, from ad- to + commodus fitting.

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