Meaning of ACCOMMODATION in English


 ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ˈdāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: French or Latin; French, from Latin accommodation-, accommodatio, from accommodatus + -ion-, -io -ion


a. : something that is supplied for convenience or to satisfy a need

huts with no sanitary accommodation or running water — S.G.O'Kelly


(1) : room , space

the library accommodation is leased — Library Science Abstracts

(2) : lodging, food, and services (as at a hotel) or seat, berth, or other space occupied together with services available (as on a train) — usually used in plural

tourist accommodations on the boat

overnight accommodations for visitors

b. : a public conveyance (as a railroad train) that stops at all or nearly all points

I drove around the town in a horse-drawn accommodation — Mary H. Vorse

on the accommodation local — Bennett Cerf

2. : the provision of what is needed or desired for convenience

tables and benches are installed for the accommodation of picnickers — American Guide Series: New Hampshire

3. : adaptation , adjustment

an accommodation to transient conditions — W.R.Inge

a. : application of a writer's language on the ground of analogy to a meaning not originally referred to or intended

by the very greatest accommodation of language — C.M.Crawford

b. : functional adjustment of an organism to its environment through modification of its habits

a long period of migration, accommodation , and contest for supremacy among species — C.L.White & G.T.Renner

c. : a process of functional adjustment of conflict between individuals and groups through change of habits and customs

4. : an adjustment of differences : state of agreement : settlement

the question of reaching an accommodation with Japan — New York Times

5. : loan

6. : the automatic adjustment of the eye for seeing at different distances effected in the eye of higher animals chiefly by changes in the convexity of the crystalline lens ; also : the range over which such adjustment is possible for a particular eye

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