Meaning of CALENDAR in English


/ ˈkælɪndə(r); NAmE / noun


a page or series of pages showing the days, weeks and months of a particular year, especially one that you hang on a wall :

a calendar for 2006

—see also Advent calendar


( NAmE ) a record of what you have to do each day; the book in which you write this down


[ usually sing. ] a list of important events or dates of a particular type during the year :

This is one of the biggest weeks in the racing calendar.


a system by which time is divided into fixed periods, showing the beginning and end of a year :

the Islamic calendar



Middle English : from Old French calendier , from Latin kalendarium account book, from kalendae , calendae first day of the month (when accounts were due and the order of days was proclaimed); related to Latin calare and Greek kalein call, proclaim.

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