Meaning of CALENDAR in English


I. ˈkalə̇ndə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English calender, from Anglo-French or Medieval Latin; Anglo-French calender, from Medieval Latin kalendarium, from Latin, moneylender's account book, from kalendae calends — more at calends

1. : a system by which the beginning, length, and divisions of the civil year are fixed and by which days and longer divisions of time (as weeks, months, and years) are arranged in a definite order — see gregorian calendar , julian calendar ; month table, year table


a. : a tabular register of days according to a system usually covering one year, referring the days of each month to the days of the week, often giving also important astronomical data, and sometimes indicating the dates of ecclesiastic festivals, holidays, and other events connected with particular days

b. : almanac ; especially : one giving agricultural information (as dates most suitable for planting a particular crop)

3. obsolete : an example to be followed : model

4. : an orderly list of persons, things, or events: as

a. : a chronological register of documents with a brief summary of the contents of each, made to serve as an index to the documents of a period

b. : a list of cases to be tried in court or of prisoners to be tried with the time and reason for their commitment

c. : a list of bills, resolutions, or other items in the order in which they are reported out of committee for consideration by a legislative assembly

d. : a list of events or activities giving dates and details of planned events

the college calendar begins with Freshman Week

also : a list of events or the series of events scheduled for a particular period or time

many new offerings of corporate securities on the calendar this week

parades, parties, concerts, dances make up a full calendar for the weekend

e. : the whole range of possible variations in any type or category

wanted for murder … and almost every other crime in the calendar — James Thurber

5. Britain : a university catalog

II. transitive verb

( calendared ; calendared ; calendaring -d(ə)riŋ ; calendars )

1. : to enter (as a name or event) in a calendar or list

2. : to enter an analysis or summary of (as a book or document) in a catalog or index

3. : to assign a date to

calendared predictions

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