Meaning of CONTENT in English

I . *con·tent

/ ˈkɒntent; NAmE ˈkɑːn-/ noun

—see also content (II)


contents [ pl. ] the things that are contained in sth :

He tipped the contents of the bag onto the table.

Fire has caused severe damage to the contents of the building.

She hadn't read the letter and so was unaware of its contents.


contents [ pl. ] the different sections that are contained in a book :

a table of contents (= the list at the front of a book)

a contents page


[ sing. ] the subject matter of a book, speech, programme, etc. :

Your tone of voice is as important as the content of what you have to say.

The content of the course depends on what the students would like to study.

Her poetry has a good deal of political content.


[ sing. ] (following a noun) the amount of a substance that is contained in sth else :

food with a high fat content

the alcohol content of a drink


[ U ] ( computing ) the information or other material contained on a website or CD-ROM :

online content providers

II . con·tent

/ kənˈtent; NAmE / adjective , verb , noun

—see also content (I)

■ adjective [ not before noun ]


content (with sth) happy and satisfied with what you have :

Not content with stealing my boyfriend (= not thinking that this was enough) , she has turned all my friends against me.

He seemed more content, less bitter.

He had to be content with third place.

➡ note at happy


content to do sth willing to do sth :

I was content to wait.

—compare contented

■ verb [ vn ]


content yourself with sth to accept and be satisfied with sth and not try to have or do sth better :

Martina contented herself with a bowl of soup.


( formal ) to make sb feel happy or satisfied :

My apology seemed to content him.

■ noun

= contentment


see heart



II . late Middle English : via Old French from Latin contentus satisfied, past participle of continere from con- altogether + tenere to hold.

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