Meaning of DAY in English


/ deɪ; NAmE / noun


[ C ] a period of 24 hours :

I saw Tom three days ago.

'What day is it today?' 'Monday.'

We're going away in a few days / in a few days' time .

They left the day before yesterday (= two days ago) .

We're meeting the day after tomorrow (= in two days) .

New Year's Day

Take the medicine three times a day .

We can't go there today. You can go another day .

—see also field day , off day , red-letter day , sports day


[ U ] the time between when it becomes light in the morning and when it becomes dark in the evening :

The sun was shining all day .

I could sit and watch the river all day long .

He works at night and sleeps during the day .

Nocturnal animals sleep by day and hunt by night.


[ C , usually sing. ] the hours of the day when you are awake, working, etc. :

a seven-hour working day

It's been a long day (= I've been very busy) .

Did you have a good day?

She didn't do a full day's work .

I took a half day off yesterday.

( NAmE )

Have a nice day!

—see also workday


[ C , usually pl. ] a particular period of time or history :

in Queen Victoria's day

the early days of computers

Most women stayed at home in those days .

( informal )

in the old days (= in the past)

—see also glory days , heyday , nowadays , the present day

HELP NOTE : There are many other compounds ending in day . You will find them at their place in the alphabet.


- all in a day's work

- any day (now)

- carry / win the day

- day after day

- day by day

- day in, day out

- a day of reckoning

- sb's / sth's days are numbered

- from day one

- from day to day

- from one day to the next

- have had your day

- have seen / known better days

- if he's, she's, etc. a day

- in sb's day

- in this day and age

- it's not sb's day

- make sb's day

- make a day of it

- not have all day

- of sb's day

- of the day

- one day

- one of these days

- one of those days

- some day

- take it / things one day at a time

- that'll be the day

- these days

- those were the days

- to the day

- to this day

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Old English dæg , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dag and German Tag .

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