Meaning of DOCK in English


/ dɒk; NAmE dɑːk/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a part of a port where ships are repaired, or where goods are put onto or taken off them :

dock workers

The ship was in dock .

—see also dry dock


docks [ pl. ] a group of docks in a port and the buildings around them that are used for repairing ships, storing goods, etc.


[ C ] ( NAmE ) = jetty


[ C ] ( NAmE ) a raised platform for loading vehicles or trains


[ C ] the part of a court where the person who has been accused of a crime stands or sits during a trial :

He's been in the dock (= on trial for a crime) several times already.


[ U ] a wild plant of northern Europe with large thick leaves that can be rubbed on skin that has been stung by nettles to make it less painful :

dock leaves

■ verb


if a ship docks or you dock a ship, it sails into a harbour and stays there :

[ v ]

The ferry is expected to dock at 6.

[also vn ]


if two spacecraft dock , or are docked , they are joined together in space :

[ vn ]

Next year, a technology module will be docked on the space station.

[also v ]


[ vn ] dock sth (from / off sth) to take away part of sb's wages, etc. :

If you're late, your wages will be docked.

They've docked 15% off my pay for this week.


[ vn ] ( computing ) to connect a computer to a docking station

OPP undock


[ vn ] to cut an animal's tail short



noun senses 1 to 3 and verb senses 1 to 2 late Middle English : from Middle Dutch , Middle Low German docke , of unknown origin.

noun sense 5 late 16th cent.: probably originally slang and related to Flemish dok chicken coop, rabbit hutch, of unknown origin.

noun sense 6 Old English docce , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dialect dokke .

verb senses 3 to 4 late Middle English : perhaps related to Frisian dok bunch, ball (of string etc.) and German Docke doll. The original noun sense was the solid part of an animal's tail , whence the verb sense cut short an animal's tail , later generalized to reduce, deduct .

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