Meaning of ENGINEER in English


/ ˌendʒɪˈnɪə(r); NAmE -ˈnɪr/ noun , verb

■ noun


a person whose job involves designing and building engines, machines, roads, bridges, etc.

—see also chemical engineer , civil engineer , electrical engineer , lighting engineer , mechanical engineer , software engineer , sound engineer


a person who is trained to repair machines and electrical equipment :

They're sending an engineer to fix the phone.


a person whose job is to control and repair engines, especially on a ship or an aircraft :

a flight engineer

the chief engineer on a cruise liner


( NAmE ) = engine driver


a soldier trained to design and build military structures

■ verb [ vn ]


(often disapproving ) to arrange for sth to happen or take place, especially when this is done secretly in order to give yourself an advantage

SYN contrive :

She engineered a further meeting with him.


[ usually passive ] to design and build sth :

The car is beautifully engineered and a pleasure to drive.


to change the genetic structure of sth

SYN genetically modify :

genetically engineered crops



Middle English (denoting a designer and constructor of fortifications and weapons; formerly also as ingineer ): in early use from Old French engigneor , from medieval Latin ingeniator , from ingeniare contrive, devise, from Latin ingenium talent, device, from in- in + gignere beget; in later use from French ingénieur or Italian ingegnere , also based on Latin ingenium , with the ending influenced by -eer .

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