Meaning of ENGINEER in English


n. 1 designer, originator, inventor, contriver, architect, planner, mastermind The engineer of this scheme was one David Jones 2 (engine-) driver, conductor, operator He was the engineer on the afternoon train out of Washington 3 mechanic, technician, repairman The telephone engineers will be here on Monday to install a new phone system

v. 4 devise, plan, develop, originate, contrive, invent, mastermind, construct, build, make It is said that Daedalus engineered the first man-made wings 5 manipulate, scheme, plot, machinate, intrigue, connive, conspire, manoeuvre, rig, set up, organize, arrange, put over, Colloq finagle, wangle, swing She tried to engineer the laundering of the money, but was caught

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.