Meaning of ENGINEER in English


/en'jeuh near"/ , n.

1. a person trained and skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or machines, or in any of various branches of engineering: a mechanical engineer; a civil engineer.

2. a person who operates or is in charge of an engine.

3. Also called locomotive engineer . Railroads. a person who operates or is in charge of a locomotive.

4. a member of an army, navy, or air force specially trained in engineering work.

5. a skillful manager: a political engineer.


6. to plan, construct, or manage as an engineer: He's engineered several big industrial projects.

7. to design or create using the techniques or methods of engineering: The motor has been engineered to run noiselessly.

8. to arrange, manage, or carry through by skillful or artful contrivance: He certainly engineered the election campaign beautifully.

[ 1350-1400; ENGINE + -EER; r. ME engin ( e ) our engineor OF engigneor ingeniator, equiv. to ingenia ( re ) to design, devise (v. deriv. of ingenium; see ENGINE) + L -tor -TOR ]

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