Meaning of FIXTURE in English


/ ˈfɪkstʃə(r); NAmE / noun


( BrE ) a sports event that has been arranged to take place on a particular date and at a particular place :

an annual fixture

Saturday's fixture against Liverpool

the season's fixture list


( especially BrE ) a thing such as a bath/ bathtub or a toilet that is fixed in a house and that you do not take with you when you move house :

The price of the house includes fixtures and fittings .

( figurative )

He has stayed with us so long he seems to have become a permanent fixture .

—compare fitting



late 16th cent. (in the sense fixing, becoming fixed ): alteration (first found in Shakespeare) of obsolete fixure (from late Latin fixura , from Latin figere to fix), with t inserted on the pattern of mixture .

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