Meaning of FIXTURE in English


— fixtureless , adj.

/fiks"cheuhr/ , n.

1. something securely, and usually permanently, attached or appended, as to a house, apartment building, etc.: a light fixture; kitchen fixtures.

2. a person or thing long established in the same place or position.

3. Mach.

a. any of various devices for holding work in a machine tool, esp. one for machining in a straight line, as in a planer or milling machine.

b. any of various devices for holding parts in certain positions during welding, assembly, etc.

4. Law. a movable chattel, as a machine or heating plant, that, by reason of annexation to real property and adaptation to continuing use in connection with the realty, is considered a part of the realty.

5. Fox Hunting. one of a series of meets scheduled by a hunt to take place at a time and location listed on a card (fixture card) that is sent, usually once a month, to each member of a hunt.

6. the act of fixing.

7. Brit. an event that takes place regularly.

[ 1590-1600; var. of obs. fixure ( fixura; see FIX, -URE), with -t- from MIXTURE ]

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